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Chevrolet, Buick Transmission Fluid Exchange in Chehalis

We operate a certified service department at Awesome Chevrolet Buick in Chehalis qualified to service transmission systems like the one serving our vehicle. Our expertly trained service technicians have vast training and direct hands-on experience performing routine transmission maintenance, repairs, and replacements including transmission fluid exchange service. When you drive a Chevrolet or Buick and it needs transmission fluid exchange service, we only recommend service by a certified service department that understands the transmission, how to accurately inspect the fluid, and its transmission fluid exchange service professionally.

Transmission Fluid Inspections

Transmission fluid generally requires routine inspections and exchange service when the fluid has been contaminated or allowed to leak. We have expertly trained technicians ready to inspect and exchange your vehicle's transmission fluid at the recommended mileage or in response to the warning signs of faulty fluid. We use a special test to verify that transmission fluid has lost integrity and needs to be exchanged and we can find problem parts like gaskets allowing leaks quickly.

Transmission Fluid 101

Transmission fluid works as a lubricating hydraulic fluid able to lubricate moving parts while also transferring energy readily without molecular compression. This fluid is required for the transmission to function properly and will cause major problems if it gets contaminated or leaks. Transmission fluid requires regular inspections at the specified mileage found in the owner's manual and exchange service when it loses integrity.

Warning Signs of Defective Transmission Fluid in need of Exchange Service

Transmission fluid generally serves its purpose and is out of sight and out of mind getting the job done until it doesn't. Given the importance of the transmission to overall vehicle performance and reliability, we encourage our customers to schedule service swiftly in response to any of these troubling transmission warnings:

  • Transmission slips out of gear without reason
  • Overheating transmission (often with a warning light or excessive heat inside the cabin)
  • Irregular shifting or unable to shift
  • Delayed engagement of gears
  • Transmission fails and immobilizes the vehicle

Transmission Service & the Certified Service Value

When it comes to realizing the value of certified service by professionals that know Buick and Chevrolet vehicles professionally, it is easy to see when considering a sophisticated system like the transmission. The transmission is complicated with computer controls, sensors, gears, fluid, and gaskets that take the service requirements to the next level of expertise.


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Awesome Chevrolet Buick Transmission Fluid Exchange Service

Service begins with an expertly trained service technician working inside a certified service department that knows your vehicle's transmission system inside and out.

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